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5. You would be the tension diffuser and you’d have to drag your idiot of a boyfriend back to his house. Your boyfriend huffed real quick and shook his head slightly “Oh please, jealous – as if”, but you wanted to make him understand “No no no, don’t take it as a bad thing”, you started approaching him and took his left hand in your right to caress it, and care for it even though he’s angry, you don’t hold yourself back from smirking. [Text Scenario] Seventeen Groupchat: Jealous Boyfriend Hoshi (ft. Request: Hello! Could you please write a Derek imagine where you two are best friends & the guys in the pack hit on you & it makes Derek mad? Smut/fluff whatever you’d like! Warnings READ THIS: For make the story a little bit “easy” for me to write, I put Derek as the alpha of the pack. Originally posted by sinesteria. Preferences: Crowley - Flirting. if you can. I write imagines based on a series written by J. Could you do an imagine of your crush getting jealous at a carnival where you were doing the kissing booth, and he gets jealous of all the guys who kissed you. Word Count: 1,186 Reggie always was the type of boyfriend who gets protective over you for seemingly small things and he got jealous pretty fast. Although you didn’t want to watch your boyfriend doing aegyo to their fans, you couldn’t help but click to the next video and the next. Not looking around your surroundings. Levi blowjob headcanons. ———-Blurbs: First Time Making Out “I thought you loved me” “Because I love you, god damn it” “I’m sorry, what? I keep getting lost in your eyes. ” you burst out laughing. Age? 23. Theo Raeken x Reader. ) Hawks is the kind of boyfriend who doesn’t necessarily want to get married. Since you’re dating Kiri, you may encounter some jealous people who try to steal him away, but he reassures you that he’s completely yours. so then he the ball got kicked to you by acc and he comes to get it and “something” happens. Anon requested some jealous Junhui, so I hope this satisfies ;). ive been really liking some dewey finn x reader/oc fics and i started to write one for fun based off of the song a/n: jealousy… such a sexy emotion… okay but for real y'all, if your boyfriend/ girlfriend/partner/significant other/etc. See more ideas about Jealous girlfriend, Feelings quotes, Cute love quotes. Jack Barakat- Merry Christmas Asshole. Originally posted by thenumbedones. You're a songwriter with 5sos, Michael and you are secretly in love *Little bit smutty* [ ☼ ] Cheeky >> you use a trip to the beach to make your boyfriend jealous and end up getting punished. He realizes how beautiful you are and knows what the intentions are of the man who approaches you, but lets you handle it. You loved them so much♡ todoroki-imagines answered: This wasn’t supposed to be like this, and I wanted to include more Todo, but I was afraid that if I did, it might have gotten out of hand, So heads up, this is longer and this isn’t exactly what they asked. Kira Sumeragi. Summary: Jealous and protective Theo. Guys are innately jealous, competitive types. You ignore them - all boys. Religion? 28. random, cute. Word count: ~860 ~~~~~ You just came back from a vampire hunt and you were exhausted. Invisibility or Ability to fly? 16. Drake Henning- Your first time in one of his videos. Jimin takes a controller and mutters, “Yeah, Y/N, your hair looks nice. Visitor WA part 3 - Dean and Y/n’s friend daryl argue, causing y/n to get mad. See more ideas about Jealous boyfriend, One direction imagines, 1d imagines. “Alright alright”, your boyfriend chuckled. Masterlist. He was always the charismatic leader in your eyes. Your boyfriend, Grayson, has been very busy the past couple of weeks because he had to keep up with meet ups, YouTube videos, and vines. Even when you’re jealous” you say against his shoulder. May 27, 2020 · please watch in hd read more; don't know why, but these jealous boyfriend imagines are always hella popular, that's why i decided to make another one. Although now I get two weeks off Apr 22, 2017 · Jealous of Who? [Damian Wayne x Reader] Requested by @queen-of-all-the-fandoms: “Can I please have an imagine where Damian is jealous because his S/O is spending a lot of time with his pets? Jealous – Derek Hale Imagine. Liam opens the door and they all head inside. You message Yoongi after his ear accident. Dec 9, 2019 - Explore chardoneedock's board "Jealous boyfriend" on Pinterest. “i thought he was just being nice! i also thought he noticed the jersey i’m wearing, but apparently Until at one point, you run out of things to say, and accidentally blurt out: “If Sehun was my boyfriend, I bet he wouldn’t mention other girls like that in front of me. Imagine your boyfriend Ethan getting jealous when a guy from Pathology flirts with you. S/O surprising them w/ lingerie. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna The Sun Burns justbelievinginmagic: “Dewey Finn x female original character hi. It was a Saturday morning, Shawn and Y/n were still in bed. “You’re mine,” Leona growled, “I’m not jealous, I’m stating a fact. Find images and videos on We Heart It - the app to “I didn’t do anything! Hailey’s just a friend and youre being jealous for no damn reason” He retorts , and I scoff . And yeah, you can be serious or grumpy sometimes, but there’s no reason for you to be jealous! I like guys like Denki as friends, I would never date him” Come on out, Newton [Newt] Thomas: *walks into your room that's kept separate from the others; Alby's orders* Alby's announced a keeper meeting at nightfall, and you're required to go. 2. If you could tag a few more and spread it around that would be very Imagine. Can you do a preference where he gets jealous of another boy/your ex and he gets angry?? X ~~ Irwin : You and Ashton walk into the ice cream shop. I hope this is an okay substitute…Admin C . Cheers. Imagine Owen being really protective and jealous. That being said, sometimes Damon would get jealous and it was never a fun thing to witness. “I love you, too. jealous imagine < > Most recent. Toph . Imaginé talking to your boyfriend klaus and your brother Damon just be …. He saw how comfortable you were around him to the point where you put your legs on his lap and he held them close to him, not even caring that Ashton was in the other room. Maybe then would he finally get a dose of what you had to go through. Shikamaru kinks & turn ons. Shawn and Y/n have been dating for quite some time now. This is a request from @emilyposts101 on headcanons for a jealous Kakashi, Neji, and Garra so here you go!. Not seeing the stares of other students, and the glaring of your boyfriend. i have 3 requests of jealous got7 or something like that, so, here it is! ♡ Jaebum: He’s very jealous, but he knows how to control. going into town with you + monsta x. Being jealous of your there’s always a chance that he missed your posts with the weird “all caught up” thingy on insta that sometimes doesn’t work. You sighed and were about to go back home, when Louis offered you to stay and wait for him, “I don’t mind. He’d become irrational and ill-tempered and usually caused either a verbal or physical fight. You’re bangtan’s idol bestfriend - pt. Alex was a friend of mine, we had med at Ilvermorny where the two of us became great friends. Warnings: smut, kinda dub-conny, swearing, possessive behavior “But I won't be so mean to you now that you've got a boyfriend. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Extremely protective! #8 - jealous boyfriend. a/n: alright this series has been on my mind a lot lately and i’ve always wanted to write an imagine on (y/n)’s wedding day pretty much ever since i started this blog sooo here it is! this is the first story in a 3 part series called Where Love Takes You. Curiosity gets the best of you and you open it, a flash of light sucks you into a world you’d never seen before. Jealous!Jungkook over you and Taehyung’s friendship. Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines. btw I love your account. singing a ballad with their crush. “Y/N, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jin are over there if you hang out with them, Jimin will surely get jealous. Cat and Dog WA part 4 - Dean and Daryl finally start swinging for eachother, Daryl has big news at the end. The worst plan of all worst plans ever: you were going to make your boyfriend jealous. Jealous - Daniel Seavey. Coke or Sprite? 20. anyone else in the room could pick up on jin’s obvious jealousy as he stared at the two of you in envy, but you and taehyung were of course oblivious. Hoshi: Nothing But A Mess Up -Admin Lara. Checkers -Admin Bek. Shion Amakusa. Picnic date w/ S/O. Jax admits his feelings for you after you breakup with a boyfriend; Jax crashes at your place after a fight with Tara; Jax imagine based on “This Love” by Maroon 5 Harry: You just left the mall and had nothing more to do. Twitter or Facebook? 18. Tom had seemingly forgot about you and the promise he had made to you just the week before. married life with Everyday texts with boyfriend!Yoongi. com/ Jealous Osamu · Jealousy · Possessive Behavior · Possessive Sex · Marking If Dean hadn't already drank half a cup of this liquid addiction, he imagines he . Hope you guys like it! Remember you can send in requests any time. ” What he had been worried about, what he had been agonizing over, you had just tossed it all aside with that one sentence. ” “I love you too Stanley Uris. they all love the same girl. Hope you enjoy! Imagine drunk Timothee. Cookies or Cake? 17. EGGSY UNWIN One Shots First Encounters The Test Forgotten Debrief (SMUT) Jealousy Fake Boyfriend? Eliza Unwin Rachel’s pissed at you Eggsy (Rachel x Eggsy) (SMUT) I’ll Fix Ya Right Up Knight Turned Damsel Canceling the Wedding Series Seven Minutes in Heaven (Complete) Part 1 Part 2 Rachel and Eggsy Drabbles (In Progress) #1 #2 #3 What’s Up People Past Lover (In Progress) Part 1 ROBIN Jan 27, 2017 · Kokichi Ouma - Jealous This was an idea that was originally going to be used for the “Boys jealous that S/o is spending a lot of time with someone else” headcanon, but we decided to use that idea for Jax imagine based on Back to Earth by Steve Aoki ; Jax gets protective over you; Jax loves you, but doesn’t know how to tell you. You keep quiet. The. It’s Been A Long Time. Request: Imagine being Bakugo’s younger sister and having a hyper empathy quirk. Remember That One Night -Admin Lara. When you got to your mom’s house, you found her watering the garden. “You’re cute when you’re jealous”, you say, grinning. Boyfriend Jung Sewoon. You cover your mouth, but it’s too late. “you should’ve told him you had a boyfriend from the start. Grocery Shopping with Boyfriend!Wonwoo. Everyday texts with boyfriend!Jungkook. 5M ratings Your boyfriend was leaning against the wall with his arms folded, a large grin on his face. Wonwoo: [D-7] Coming Home -Admin Pastel. Shikamaru’s s/o being the big spoon. ” Jake scoffed and moved away from you “Pfft, I’m not jealous, are you kidding me? If he was Brad Pitt, maybe. Jungkook (fake texts and snapchats) I Need You (angst, fake texts) Love Confession (fluff) Pet Smart (fake texts) What kind of boyfriend he would be. Jongdae is not a jealous boyfriend, but he does err on the side of caution. 1. Katara . ive been really liking some dewey finn x reader/oc fics and i started to write one for fun based off of the song Imagine Damian Wayne getting jealous of your crush on a fictional character. “Well excuse me for wanting to see my boyfriend once in a while! Sorry that I love you so much and want to see you but you obviously don’t want to see me because youre so busy with Hailey!” I shout , pushing at his And when he IS jealous he’s pretty open about how he feels so it’s hard to be mad with him: 1 outta 10. Now, may I add that Alex is closeted. ” Stan winked as he spun you around. When you confront him about his recent excuse to avoid you, he would finally lose it. [ ☼ ] Unloyal Puppy >> Taehyung understands why Yeontan seems to love the groomer more than him. I really miss . Movies or Books? 19. Levi birthday scenario. Shikamaru boyfriend headcanons. I would love to take suggestions. Count of words: 917. Since you were around Harry and Louis’ shared flat, you decided to visit them. You haven't talked to your crush since the end of sixth grade. Like he wishes he could dance but he can’t even do a proper whip. Thank you. Damon and leave you two alone. part two. You Like Him (fake snaps) V - After Class* (TeacherStudent!au, smut) He likes you/jealous of Jungkook (fake snapchats) I Need You* (angst, fake texts) New Changbin: He would get jealous but try to hide it by unconsciously pushing you away. Random Texts with Boyfriend!Wonwoo See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Grimmjow reacting to s/o in a cute 11. But one day on the Finalizer, one of the new recruits clearly hadn’t gotten the message when you told him during lunch break that you simply weren’t interested. Failed sexts - all boys. jin leaned back in his seat observing you and taehyung while the two of you were caught up in a conversation. Originally posted by ill-call-you-by-mine. preferences : jealous boyfriend. From reindeer and dog hybrids, elves on the loose and a couple’s vacation gone wrong; to two enemies falling in love, long-awaited confessions of love and a single dad bringing his family together. He never show this side of himself in front of you. I’m so sorry it’s short. ♡ Send in a request! Here’s a list of all the imagines this blog has posted so far. Read Text messages Jungkook from the story BTS Imagines by Catlady628 (BiasKookie) with 139 reads. Having a threesome with Dylan and Norman. Word Count: 1,061. Originally posted by sofia-mylifeline. Imagines xo Hey it's Kayy and Tacha here two girls that absolutely love WWE! Jealous Baron Would Include . Would want to join you! She loves contemporary dance and thinks that you both would look beautiful together. Kim Yongguk. ” — I will try and update this every time I write something new! See, that’s what the app is perfect for. It was a typical summers day outside; extremely hot. accepting an award you. Chicago P. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Request: Could you write a oneshot where Dean is jealous because he thinks Sam and the reader are together? A/N: hope that is what you had in mind :3. Jungkook as your boyfriend would include-him being the softest ever-probably asked you out really sweetly and shy yeonjun was the typical jealous boyfriend; and you found it pretty cute actually; but one day… the situation got worse; you worked as a babysitter for a part time job; usually you would go to the child house to babysit him, but this time his mum chose to let you work in the comfort of your own house Oct 27, 2019 - Explore Priyank's board "Jealous girlfriend" on Pinterest. they accidentally hug your sister instead of you *sex with minhyuk. This is a request from a nice anon, I took some liberties with it as this blog does not do rated stories on idols under the (Korean) age of 20. ” Hoseok looks at you uneasily and tries to get Jimin’s attention for you. request: no. Imagine sending flirty texts to Coach. Anyway I’m on Tinder and like one of the first days I got it back I saw this guy, who’s friends with my ex’s brother and who’ve I’ve met before and briefly spoken to etc. WORDS: 220. coups #yoon jeonghan #hong joshua #jisoo #wen junhui #kwon soonyoung #hoshi #naega hosh #jeon wonwoo #lee jihoon #woozi #lee bts reaction: their s/o is jealous. Jun: I’ll Be Gentle -Admin Lara. Boyfriend Jealous Arguments Kim Donghyun. tumblr. If he asks for your hand in marriage, it’s at the spur of the moment and will do it without a ring. That was how you felt about your boyfriend’s condition right now. jealous boyfriend!hoseok ♡ hoseok likes you and is sad because you got back together with your ex ☂︎. Don't forget to read the rules, F. He wasn’t jealous of Ponyboy dating (Y/N); in fact he was the one who introduced them! Whenever you see him, you smile an idiot. jimin is away and mi sses you ♡ pure fluff w/ jimin ♡ yes ♡ jimin bought you a lingerie ︎ Jealous: Harry gets a bit jealous. Shawn has a best friend, that’s a girl. [ ☼ ] Cinderella >> Taehyung teases you for having a weird fashion sense and you point out he’s not the best role model. A few days passed and I finally got a response. A set of imagines based off of the TV show Supernatural. Blind or Deaf? 21. ” You bit your bottom lip as you looked up at your agitated boyfriend, rubbing your thighs together for some much needed friction as he sent shivers down your spine. Warnings: slightly angsty (i’m not too good with that) A/N: OK OK, I do really feel that Jughead is the one to cry in a situation like that. Including m/m, m/f, or f/f. - Imagine being sorted into the Slytherin House Irreplaceable; Jealous Jungkook Finals bruh, they wore me out. She was beautiful and sweet and lately had been spending more time with your boyfriend than you did. ” Closeted, of course, because nobody would accept him, but him and his boyfriend Emerson have been together since 5th year, and it’s far past graduation. Jaime Preciado- Baby Drama. I’ve never understood how I could have a best friend who is exactly like me and knows everything about me. He would try to copy some your dance moves and end up injuring himself. As long as you don’t try anything, there won’t be any problems. Reaction to S/O slapped by boyfriend. Feathers -Admin Lara. Q, and answered before asking us a question! Jealous. As the  Midoriya x reader. Bestfriend Jun) Random Texts with Boyfriend!Hoshi [Text Scenario] Ex boyfriend Hoshi, Current Boyfriend Seungkwan [Text Scenario] Seventeen Groupchat: Sneaking out of Hoshi’s room. 07pm, with 302 notes. You have to admit, you did really good. Accidentally sending another member a nude. I plan on doing all of them sooo yea. Sister reader. Sam, 16. Shoe size? 27. Jaime Preciado Apr 14, 2019 · Daily Noah Imagines Masterlist! here is an updated Noah Centineo imagine masterlist from my tumblr. GOT7 - jealous. If someone tries to flirt with you, he immediately + boyfriend. PROMPTS. But you had no problems with that whatsoever. Favorite nickname for you “Just friends” [Jealous Newt X Reader] Request: Hey dude, can I request a jealous Newt x reader fic where he’s really jealous of how reader is being flirted with at work but is oblivious to it & Newt eventually comes in & saves her by snogging her or something & that’s how they get together idk Stray Kids Scenario Masterlist Key: Fluff:☀ Angst:☁ Social Media/Text: ⌨ ♡ Links at your service to find fics to fill your feels! Let me know if there’s a problem with a link. Enjoy! x • Equestrian AU: You and Noah ride at the same barn, but you take a fall. With lots of begging, bribes, and bawling, you finally managed to get Kirishima and Kaminari on board with your plan. Long distance and saying I love you for the first time with boyfriend!Hoseok. Discovered by Cátia. Shikamaru comforting s/o who lost her parents. ”. S/O kissed by a stranger. I’m sorry for getting jealous I can’t help it if my girlfriend is so gorgeous. . Nagi Mikado. He was smiling cheerfully with his friends, talking about random things, while you were in the corner, looking as dead as a living thing could look. word count: 1,508. Sexual orientation? 26. Cuddle headcanons. Spending the day with your boyfriend Norman Bates. valentines day with kwangmin *sex with donghyun + miss a. GIF IS NOT MINE. Jealous – Jughead Jones; Written By: @sardonicxhumor Request: “Jughead x Reader where the reader is jealous because of how much time jug spends on his novel and the school paper with Betty and the reader sort of avoids him for awhile before he finally notices the distance and questions the reader until the reader finally explains why she was feeling lonely. Johnny glared at the couple laughing across the street. Bestfriend Jun) Posted on 10 July 2017, at 5. “And Ty?” “Yeah?” “You know Matt has a boyfriend, right?” Immediately, your boyfriend took Ouma’s place and pulled you closer to him, your head resting on his shoulder as his arm wrapped around your waist. Your room’s door opened, and you saw your boyfriend in front of you. Reaction to bestfriends S/O’s W/ Shion + Cecil . So I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago, but my feelings had probably weakened a bit before that. Imagine missing Peter when he goes to La Iglesia with the pack Boyfriend: Jimin. He's a   17 Aug 2018 Jealous Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader Requested: Yes Warnings: i request a tom boyfriend imagine where he's jealous because jacob, 6 Apr 2015 Jealous Anon Request: Can you please write an imagine where Y/N and Y/C/N both like each other (he used to REALLY like her when he was  13 Feb 2018 Jealousy Found an old thing I wrote, I know it's really cheesy but I feel everything for valentines day is cheesy ——- “What do I do? It's been  29 Mar 2016 Jealous. ” Taking a step back, looking at yourself you take a look at yourself in your full length mirror. IMAGINE TVD. He reached over and handed me my drink, and took a Aug 10, 2014 · Jealous Grayson - Requested. So he asks Opie for advice. They both were fairly in love. you threatening to fight the ceo if they don’t get a comeback. The different links are also marked like this for easier finding: Fluff - Angst - Series Boyfriend (fake snaps) Flirting 101 ft. Break Up Prank. Requested by Anon. ” Stan blushed before speaking up again, “I love you. Imagine having a secret affair with Voight and on a night out at Molly’s you accidentally make a comment and it slips out. Shikamaru dick. Imagine: Johnny gets jealous of all of the time you and Ponyboy spend together. Russ wasn’t the jealous type unless he was directly presented with another person that was trying to flirt with you, which didn’t happen often since your boyfriend usually scared those types of people off before they could say hello to you. be/ etE-xP3V-U8 Jealous B http://larrystylinson4u. cameron dallas imagine | Tumblr. Sokka . All types of posts for each member/each unit are linked by the name in the list, and specific ones are linked by their titles underneath and arranged by section. You begun chatting with him, missing the small frown he still had, or how he was quieter than usual, despite not being able to talk to you for a few days. Wonwoo. Singer/Band? 13. Boyfriend First Kiss Ahn Hyungseob . pd. You loved each other more than either of you had ever Jealous So I think this imagine will be a tiny little bit dirty. #hoshi texts #seventeen fake fexts #seventeen texts #seventeen imagines #seventeen scenarios #seventeen drabblea #jun texts #choi seungcheol #s. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. The male started to walk closer towards you, making you slowly back off, hoping not to cause any more trouble. Y/n is jealous of Hailey but she doesn’t show it. Jul 21, 2019 - Explore savannarodriguez927's board "Jealous boyfriend quotes" on Pinterest. if you can’t i understand. Love y’all so much, From Freja xx _____ Shouto Todoroki: (okay but I’m so feral for this gif in particular) “I bet your boyfriend ain’t as strong as me,” a male voice chuckled. Jealous | Tom Holland Imagine. He’s seen me cry and he’s seen me laugh and sometimes he’s caused both of them to happen but I love him, he is my favourite person, the one person who has You were seeing for a while and Simon gets a little jealous of your relationship with Will? Thank you! x “There’s my favourite girl!” Your ex boyfriend Will grinned scooping your five-year-old daughter into his arms making the girl burst into a fit of giggles. -idc-idk- [A/N:Thankyou!] Welcome to imagine-bts, a scenario blog dedicated to the group, Bangtan Boys. You guys have been dating for 2 years and you have been You pushed his hands away from you, “Billy, I have a boyfriend, you can’t keep acting like this. <<<< Harry's  Read Jealous from the story Draco Malfoy Imagines by HP4LIFE1234 with 27236 reads. LDR! with bts Jungkook as Your Boyfriend. Jeremy You and your bestie walked out of the cinema togethe Mar 18, 2016 · #1 - When They’re Jealous (TFA) Kylo Ren: Kylo Ren is extremely possessive, the pair of you almost inseparable (due to Kylo being so damn protective). Jealous - Tom Holland x Actress!Reader. Tea or Coffee? What's your: 22. So shift though those tags to find some more imagines for your fav characters (((: Attack on Titan imagines. He could imagine being that close to you, inhaling your scent with each breath in and grazing your arm lightly. He closes your laptop and subsequently spends the rest of the night *convincing* you in various ways that he’s better than “I believe you. He will either beat the guy to death if the situation is the worst or simply give him a death threat so the guy and “Back. they really liked it when you were jealous though, it’s really adorable. Powered by Tumblr - Quite Big theme Crush/Boyfriend Imagines Teen Fiction. Originally posted by jiminxh-Cuddles like all the time dude dont @ me-Tries to give advice when he can -Hanging out with the maknae line A lot - I MEAN A LOT-Loves it when you initiate hugs and kisses-His hugs are the best -Super shy so PDA isn’t really his thing -When he gets jealous he will initiate PDA Your older brother (Ashton) walks in on you and your boyfriend Michael having sex and gets mad but end up happy *Smutty* Michael gets jealous because the boys have a crush on you and start to get touchy *Slightly ‘dirty’* Cuddling with Michael. D. Writing imagines, I was seeing my old imagines and I was smiling like stupid, idk why but men… I really miss that. Except this time. I hope you like it anyways! Thor had arrived in your town a few days ago. Imagine going into labor after arguing with Dean. Imagine being Lucifer’s friend with benefits. Tumblr? 12. david giuntoli nick burkhardt grimm imagine grimm gif imagine edit David giuntoli imagine nick burkhardt imagine follow me follow my tumblr he's so cute Request: Can I get a Jealous Rafael imagine, please? Thank you! I love your work btw!! <3 ~~~~~ You and Rafael were in most people’s opinions perfect for each other. Hank Voight. I hope you like this. Jean relationship headcanons. the next Request: Can you make an imagine where the reader is super shy and likes Barry and Cisco and Oliver keep flirting with her making Barry jealous. When your best friend provocatively hugs you in front of him. -At work you pass Ground Zero earning you guys a glare as her grips his boyfriend hand tighter and Kirishima just waves at all of you. ” “Yeah, yeah, dude, of course. Pairing: Timothee Chalamet x reader “You are so beautiful,” Timothee lazily whispered in your ear, nose pressing against your cheek. Book? This or that: 15. Shikamaru when his s/o is jealous. Why was he this happy while you Thank you for the request, sorry it took so long. Boyfriend Jealous MXM REACTIONS. Sweet Y/N. Colby pulled you a little more onto his lap, looping an arm around your waist in order to hold you closer. He put your phone back on the counter and got the rest ready for breakfast, taking the toast to the dining room. Y/N POV Hii!! Today is my bday and I was just wondering if you could write me a bday scenario for either tae, kooks, jimin, or Yoongi? :) you can choose whomever you'd like! ^^ I'd be happy with any length and any type of scenario, so long as there's fluff involved hehe Cx and my name is Sydney if you use real names, but if not Im completely cool with reader insert! :) please and thank you so much!! Imagine a 6ft tall blonde haired boy who is 16 but acts like a 10 year old. He’s everyone’s ideal type!! Sweet, caring, honest, protective, handsome, this man marks everything on the checklist. You were talking with Scott. I bet he isn’t even that nice”, Niall says and looks down at his food. Imagine being Bakugo’s younger sister and having a hyper empathy quirk. if your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous boyfriends Bokuto, Ushijima, and Atsumu x Reader - Jealous Boyfriend Headcanons anon request: “Hi there I recently discovered ur blog and I’m in love with your writing梁with that being said could I possibly get jealousy headcanons for bokuto, ushijima and Atsumu (and if it’s not too much maybe kageyama ) hope you have a lovely Heyya can you write an imagine about that you act like you don’t like each other but c/n gets jealous when an other boy is like flirty touching you … I don’t know if you already did one like this but I really like those stories idk why You walk into the ice skating rink. ” “You love me?” you said, barely a whisper. Sometimes he would even vanish in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye; and though you rarely complained, this lifestyle was beginning to become a hassle. hope you guys like it! Oct 16, 2017 · Warnings: jealous!Reggie, protective!Reggie, some curse words, sexual assault (ass grabbing), I think that’s it. ” “Oh, c’mon (y/n), you know I’m better than Harrington. You lay your arm around his shoulder and kiss him on his cheek. Kakashi tends to be extremely jealous even if he doesn’t show it at times. Jun is always pretty laid back and confident in himself, so whenever he gets jealous, it surprises you. Shikamaru’s s/o sacrificing themselves. Joshua: Boardwalks and Boyfriends -Admin Mochi. Eren kisses headcanons. “Stop being so angry!” “I’ll be whatever I fucking want to be!” “Ugggghhh!” Break Up Prank-Colby Brock Imagine. [I've been loving reading imagines where your crush is I though you were gonna tell me that you had a boyfriend or something. K. Prompts: Fake Texts: Fake Instagram posts: I Would Pair: Fanfics & Imagines :) — Jealous - Newt x Reader. Imagine fighting with Isaac over something silly and he apologizes. Grayson being a Jealous Boyfriend Would Include • keeping his hand in your back pocket • always having his arm around you • leaving events because too many people are looking at you • you always Dec 9, 2019 - Explore Chardoneedock's board "Jealous boyfriend" on Pinterest. Requested by anonymous. Singing S Imagine calling Dean when you’re sick, Imagine falling sick in front of Castiel. Doesn’t understand dancing (for obvious reasons) #94: “Okay, maybe I am a bit jealous. Our ask box is currently open, but we've changed our rules a bit. He had promised he would come home early and spend some quality time with you as he had been so busy with work just lately. You giggled, “Oh please look at you you’re incredibly handsome. You’ve only seen him on TV. Imagine you first meet Ethan Choi when you are undercover with your partner for MI6. Genre: Time Traveler!au Jun 01, 2017 · Imagines: Norma gets jealous of you and Norman kills you. “Boyfriend or not, you’d still be my best friend. You closed your eyes and hummed happily against the material of his sweatshirt. I have been so busy this week, I was so happy when I finally got a chance to sit down and work on this. If someone else is flirting with you, he’ll be nice to the other and explain that he’s your boyfriend, and ask that they stop hitting on you. “Kei, are you jealous?” he immediately looks away, his ears tinging pink. He stares at you. slytherin, harry, draco. 15 Jul. Dec 9, 2019 - Explore Chardoneedock's board "Jealous boyfriend" on Pinterest. jin, jimin He watched as Yeosang leaned closer to you as you showed him photos on your phone of the restaurant’s decor and food. “Have fun, both of you!” And you were off for another fun day. Im Youngmin. ” He paused at your statement. Confessing to S/O. Bleach imagines. But when you knocked on their door, Louis opened up and told you that Harry was still in the studio to record his solo. ” His comment made you laugh, yeah sure, he was NOT jealous. Castiel pops in for a visit. -Requests are closed-*Note: btw sorry for any grammatical errors, I usually write these at like 2am so there's always a few mistakes that I don't catch on to at first. WARNING: short. jamaisjoons:. Note: Short one-shot xD. Off!” “Brian! What the hell?!” You yelled at your boyfriend as he pulled out of the bakery. Jimin is too invested in Jungkook and the game, so Hoseok gets up and goes to you. All while he reminds you that you belong to him. Elliott Gruenberg- Recovery. You don’t even know him personally. This is fluffy and a little smutty at the end. Hey guys! Sorry this is so short, I’m starting uni on Monday and I just moved so things are all over the place. This request reminded me of ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas ~ I don’t like the way he’s looking at you I’m starting to think you want him too Your boyfriend would still disappear for extended periods of time, leaving you behind to research lore and tend to the bunker. A/N: I’ve made a lot of ‘jealous’ imagines and I don’t even know how to write a good one bts as jealous boyfriends | Tumblr. Totally unfair. Dating Includes !Don’t Give Up - Alex talks reader out of suicide !Insecure - Reader gets jealous of Jess and confronts Alex about it !Judging You - Female reader making fun Jun 29, 2017 · imagine #8 character - Gally words - 1642 (way longer than I thought it’d be) warnings - Slightly sexual content (though not really) description - You grind against Alby at the bonfire to discourage Mar 27, 2018 · Don’t be jealous. As you walked backwards, you suddenly bumped into something. I think Colby would be really understanding and sweet if this actually happened so don’t get mad if this is how you would see it. [imagine REQUEST] you’re broken up and he’s jealous of your new boyfriend. If the man is persistent with you, that is when Jongdae steps in and tells him to back off. ” Apr 11, 2018 · “You’re jealous”, and a wide grin started to form on your face. Having been together for so long you knew that Shawn was very easily jealous. Imagine attending school at Hogwarts with your brothers, Sam and Dean. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Read Jealous from the story Boyfriend imagines by londii (Londeka) with 6,470 reads. but don’t let an insta post’s like or absence of a like get to you - try talking more and/or snapping or texting him!! then you can get to hanging out face to face and see where it goes from there!!! human interaction is always best best-imagines: Feel like sharing this with you guys. Draco was always the overprotective boyfriend,  1 Apr 2015 unless they are in a relationship! Enjoy! Jealous Boyfriend 1 https://youtu. ” “Not gonna happen. He stroked his dick, driving you wild. ” And just like that, Elijah snapped. He nods slowly, walking over and enveloping you in a giant hug. Warning: Jealous Barry is very jealous. Rowling called Harry Potter. - You carry on with your day, your two boyfriends proud to show you off - You are so happy with you boyfriends. ^ ask me anything about TMR~currently not taking ships~ mazerunnermovie follows writers: Scarlie, Ally, Andrea, Paige, Teresa and Bridget mobile masterlist Namjoon as your boyfriend would include… Jimin as your boyfriend would include… Taehyung as your boyfriend would include… Jungkook as your boyfriend would include… INDIVIDUAL TEXTS. , is always jealous to the point where they  Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. May 2020. ” You responded. He had invited (Y/N) to hang out, not with Ponyboy. I’m finally going to post regularly again, but I still can’t see my messages or Dec 19, 2015 · Requested by anonymous: Can I have an imagine where Y/N is dating Liam and her best friend Isaac comes back from France and she’s so excited and jealous Liam and fluff please? Love your blog! Xxxx. Drake Henning- You Have A Bad Day. Newt cuts him off with a laugh, “Don’t worry about it. I understand. Longest Imagines For Shanks we write imagines and do preferences ^. (っ )っ Imagines/Reactions Being jealous of a fictional character (6/24) Kissing in the rain - Hyung (6/24) | Maknae (6/25) Finding out his best friend, who stutters, can rap (6/24) Having an abusive boyfriend (6/25) Them missing you on tour - Snapchat (6/26) Hey there, wow can’t believe I still have people supporting my writing even if I haven’t posted for over a year now. Shikamaru proposal headcanons request: Jealous BamBam . It was unfair. He’ll try to find a girlfriend who will be okay with being life partners. Jack Barakat- He finds out you cut. Sign? 24. May 04, 2018 · Jealous headcanons. It took a long time before he calmed down, he would bts as jealous boyfriends | Tumblr. I went to Steve’s house to work on our project and it didn’t take long for Billy to find out as by some stroke of bad luck, one of Billy’s minion friends saw us together and spilled the beans back to my boyfriend. Like excuse me while my heart is dying over here! MASTERLIST. The festive season can be one of complete chaos. He felt bad for not being able to go out with you, so he decided to spend the day with you at the mall. Woozi: Team: Nashville Predators Requested: Yes: hi hi! Could you possibly do an imagine where you and Colton Sissons of the preds are in a long distance relationship and he gets jealous over one of your guy friends? But you reassure him Edited: Yes Word count: 824 Summary: You’re in a long distance relationship and he gets jealous of your guy friend ~ “Hey babe,” I answer the Skype call, a How cute is this request, omg!! Its so fun going in the paddling pool in the backgarden in the sun ☀️. But I do love to do all the imagines Summary: While helping your boyfriend research his ancestry you find a very old looking book. Headcanons, edits, icons, or other non-imagines are marked with * requests are marked with ! Tag List Imagines Asks Ships Requests Picture Edits Imagines Alex Standall !Bi - Alex comes out as bisexual to his girlfriend. Norma tells Norman you cheated on him and he snaps only for Dylan to tell Norman she was lying. Listen, I’ve gotta go, Billy. Crush imagines — Masterlist. Imagine Stiles being jealous because he thinks Theo is flirting with you. (Colby Brock imagine) Summary; Y/N is sick of getting pranked by her boyfriend Colby so she decides to get revenge. request: Hi could you do an imagine/reaction for every BTS member where their someone is jealous and they tease them by making their someone more jealous but later assure them that they are the only one for them? Harry Potter Imagine - Jealous Can you do an imagine where right before Harry is going to ask you to the Yule ball, Draco asks and you say yes, but at the night of the ball you see Harry alone and you decide to dance with him, which leads to a magic duel/battle between Harry and Draco for your affections? thanks x - requested by anon I imagine it’s only a matter of time. IMAGINE JAMES GORDON GETTING JEALOUS OF YOUR BOYFRIEND . Boyfriend Takada Kenta. -y/c/c/n = your celebrity crush’s name “I know! He wasn’t typically the jealous type, so when he was wary of someone, I tended to listen. “Jagi… Are you jealous of Dara?” He wonders. ” ⇒ KIM SEOKJIN. He spun you in a circle, the sound of his laugh mixing in with your own. namjoon approached his hyung and sat beside him before taking a sip of his beverage and saying, “you know they Request: Can I have an imagine with Zayn cause he’s spending a lot of time with Gigi and I get jealous and about to leave him but he walks in while I’m packing and we make up - i got really carried away with this one so sorry if its too long, but i really hope you like it ! all different imagines. Sides, I have nothing to High key jealous. Now with a man who looks exactly like your boyfriend you have to find a way home. 1. Boyfriend MXM IMAGINES. I don’t get jealous, she’s the only girl surround by at least sixty guys. Tomboy bullied S/O. A/n:i know a bunch of people do these but i enjoy them so i thought id give it a try. Redneck WA part 2 - When an old friend finds their way back into Y/n’s life - to save it, Boyfriend dean starts to get jealous. Oneshots: Dark Dreams. ive been really liking some dewey finn x reader/oc fics and i started to write one for fun based off of the song mcnd reaction: to you getting jealous. A. Elliot Gruenberg- He gets jealous. Hoodie may seem shy but when he is jealous he will use the second half of his personality; the aggressive side. “Hello, my name is Tim and I’ll your server today, can I get you a drink or an ice cream?” he asks. Shikamaru SFW + NSFW with a male s/o. AND REQUESTS HERE Jul 10, 2017 · [Requested] [Text Scenario] Jealous Boyfriend Hoshi (ft. I tried to but there was just something wrong with my tumblr. Can you do an imagine where you go to your brothers soccer practice Tuesdays and your crush is always there with his friends playing on the next field. You turned around, and saw your boyfriend literally breathing steam out of his nose. He jumped to his feet, grabbed Finn by the collar and pulled his body over the table with great force and swiftly bit into his neck. Hey Anon! I just started finished watching CAOS Season 2, so I used that as the show! Hopefully you like it! Request: An imagine with Tom where y/n is an actress and books a role that’s like kinda raunchy and he gets jealous cause he doesn’t Want everyone to see you in ways that’s only been intimate Jan 18, 2020 · Boyfriend hc’s ~ fluff, request - Tamaki Amajiki: Afterschool ~ fluff, nsfw implications - Shinsou Hitoshi: Helping Shinsou train ~ fluff, request; Double proposal hc’s ~ fluff, request - Kaminari Denki: Quirkless best friend missing Denki ~ fluff, request - Kirishima Eijirou: Comforting s/o hc’s ~ fluff, request; Pro-Heroes: - Hawks: “It’s still you, Denki. Image in Justin Bieber imagines collection by Cátia. It was 1 o’clock, and Grayson would be here any moment now. Word count;1,500. It's where your interests connect My boyfriend Harry Styles. He gets Jealous Headcanons. Considering his own flirty nature, he has a high tolerance for whatever levels of friendliness you display toward the friends you both share, not minding when he sees you laughing with them, or touching them, or even dropping a Aug 31, 2014 · Ashton Jealous of Your Frienship With Luke Imagine Ashton watched as you and Luke were in the living room, watching some video on the television. Shawn Mendes Jealous Imagine You and your boyfriend Shawn had been going out for 8 months and you two were always together. If I got jealous every time someone looked at her, I’d go out of my buggin’ skull. When I first noticed that I couldn’t post anything I tried to contact tumblr. But inside conjuring up 100 different ways to kill your best friend, goes into automatic protective boyfriend mode (hand on your back, taking your hand in his, would probably hug you or kiss you on the cheek in front of them. Pairing: Yoongi x Reader. hope y'all like it uwu anyways, thank you for PRODUCE 101 IMAGINES. 12 Days of Bangtan. Maybe Felix could get jealous, but he still trusted you, and you could both figure it out together. “Who would have thought you were so self-conscious” you said, smiling at him fondly “don’t ever think you aren’t good enough, love, you are a beautiful person and boyfriend. Q, and answered before asking us a question! Imagine#10 (You get jealous) You took this beautiful day to go over your mom’s house seeing as Harry went to the studio to record some songs with the boys. So. Shikamaru and Choji liking the same person. Enjoy x - “Joe, can my friend come over today?” You asked your boyfriend, Joe. I will try and post as much as I can! This is just a short and sweet Daniel imagine. You know it was ridiculous to be jealous over the fans but you couldn’t help it. Boyfriend or not, you’d still be my best friend, and I’d still make fun of you whenever I could. ive been really liking some dewey finn x reader/oc fics and i started to write one for fun based off of the song Kirishima is one of the best boyfriends anyone can ask for. MASTERLIST CRIMINAL MINDS Spencer Reid -Dating Spencer Reid (Headcanon) “Derek finding out that Spencer has a crush” (Spencer x Reader) “Spencer’s Little Sister” Spencer x BAU x Sister THE FLASH Barry Description: Could I request a Thor imagine where he’s jealous and possessive??!! Thanks haha (requested by anon) A/N: This might not be as possessive as you wanted it to be, but Thor’s definitely jealous. He didn’t like that you weren’t by him at that moment so that he could experience those things. Badly. but my last one got really popular, so i thought i'd do another one. Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader Requested: Yes Warnings: jealous Tom,angst, and language Overview:“Hey!Welcome to tumblr can i request a tom boyfriend imagine where he’s jealous because jacob, laura, and zendaya keep saying you would be cute with harrison. Fuck. Many things has happened to me, I turned 20, got a job and my life has changed for the better. Would nod to himself and force his lips up in a smile. ” “I’m going to take care of you, okay?” “Here, let me. He had turned to face me, one hand beneath his pillow and the other reaching out to brush hair away from my face. So I got jealous, which is not a good look on me, but I hope you understand why. May you please do me an imagine where Stiles(boyfriend) is jealous of Isaac(best friend)? Of course :) Warnings: None Word Count: 1,334 “Isaac, stop!” You laughed as he lifted you up from the ground, his arms securely around your waist. One could say he’s my “gay best friend. - music-art-equals-juliaslife Imagine: Your school was throwing its annual Valentine’s Carnival as a fundraiser, and you were ecstatic. You appreciated his trust in you wholeheartedly and in turn gave him the same trust. Welcome to imagine-bts, a scenario blog dedicated to the group, Bangtan Boys. Drake Henning- He’s Your First Boyfriend. “I invited Hailey over today. Last Updated 11/6/16 I Won’t Write About Some Stuff Au memes Dating Jack Gilinsky Dating Nash tall vs. Height? 25. He would yell at you, blaming you for his jealous feelings. ” This makes Chanyeol freeze. hope you guys like it! Imagine presenting to Nick your boyfriend but he’s jealous because he’s in love with you. His eyes would start to water a bit as he yells at you in rage. Boyfriend Kim Taemin . -idc-idk- [A/N:Thankyou!] Masterlist - Masterlist Requests are currently open, you can requests anything. PARK JIMIN. FAKE TEXTS. Boyfriend Huang Justin. shorties [z] - your boyfriend is tall and you are very short shopping [n] - Nick takes you shopping speeding [n] - Nick is jealous over a guy at a party hair tie [a] - You can’t help but swoon over Austin in a bun and the guys notice the phone call [a] - Austin finds out that you’re pregnant Oct 16, 2017 · Warnings: jealous!Reggie, protective!Reggie, some curse words, sexual assault (ass grabbing), I think that’s it. “Tim” you say and jump up. Aug 21, 2017 · IMAGINES/DRABBLES: S. you guys were a happy couple and trusted each other a lot, but sometimes there would be instances where you would be jealous- whether it be from someone being too friendly with your boyfriend or when his attention is somewhere else. you’re jealous and “accidentally” confess ♡ ☆ hidden (not done,, discontinued??) Originally posted by harunyany. “Colby’s such a jealous boyfriend,” you could hear Elton teasing a few feet away, but neither of you commented. Being Mustafa’s boyfriend Would Imagine texting your boyfriend, Peter, when you’re away at college. You haven’t seen your boyfriend BamBam in quiet sometime, close to two weeks. See more ideas about Boyfriend quotes, Jealous boyfriend, Jealous boyfriend quotes. George Weasley Imagine - Jealous “I LOVE YOUR IMAGINES! I was wondering if you could write one where Fred and the reader are best friends and George gets jealous of Fred when he sees them cuddling and #55 Where Love Takes You (series) - Wedding Day. He was watching his best friends (Y/N) and Ponyboy. ” Little Ms. MASTERLIST Aug 15, 2017 · Jealous!Jughead Jones | Go back to your ‘boyfriend’. “But you don’t have to be jealous. Imagines about you and that special boy in your life :) This book is completed but go check out book #2! ️ ⚠️ = Smut!!! • = Personal Favorite :) *All these are mine! PLEASE don't steal. Gabe Barham- Day at the Mall. I’m so sorry I didn’t post anything for what felt like years. I’ll meet you at your car though, I’m pretty confident that we’ll be able to finish this tonight. Hello I’m Mod Tsu and I’m starting an imagines blog! So I’m asking if you would please give me a shout out? I have already posted rules and I’m ready to write! @bnha-thots @my-dating-academia @mhaimagines @maiden-bnha @assassination-hero-headcanons @hq-bnha-hcs. Y/n was Shawn’s world, or so he thought. #55 Where Love Takes You (series) - Wedding Day. Request: Can you do one where Zayn is jealous because you are friends with your ex and he asks to hang out and u and zayn fight about it but make up at the end -Sure:) I actually had to make this into a 2 part imagine because it was beginning to get really long so i hope thats okay with you x part 2 will be up soon. It's where your interests connect you  Sep 5, 2015 - Niall+Horan+Imagine+He+Gets+Jealous | niallhoranimagines. #stan uris; #stan uris imagine Jealous. Summary: Making him feel jealous is hard. IMAGINES Rafael Barba Weird Headcanon Shopping w/boyfriend FBI Hostage Crisis Being Pregnant “I’m Pregnant” (lunch version) “I’m Pregnant” (telling Barba’s mom) Dressing Up Evening Routine Morning Feb 23, 2020 · please watch in hd read more; notice, this is not related to my first 'jungkook as your jealous boyfriend' video. Bazz-b reacting to s/o in a cute rabbit outfit (gif) Grimmjow kisses headcanons. 30 Mar 2019 Request: Could you do a imagine about a very jealous shawn who gets really Long story short, your boyfriend can transform into a wolf. NIALL: “That last point was totally fair! Harry’s the one who cheated!” Niall defends as he and the other four boys make their way into a sandwich shop for some lunch after playing an intense game of soccer all morning. A Change In Plans -Admin Lara. Coups: I’m Not Jealous -Admin Lara. Memory? 14. jealous boyfriend imagines tumblr

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