Young People Volunteering!

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You all know, of course, that all the Leaders, Young Leaders, Group Executive members and Helpers in the Scout Group are volunteers. Why do we do it? Did we all start to help when we were young members of the movement or perhaps when our children decided to join? Did we join enthusiastically or perhaps a little reluctantly?

I joined when my son was involved in the Group as a Beaver, Cub and Scout (he is 30 now) and yes I was somewhat reluctant and a bit terrified at first. I started as Akela because there were no other Cub Leaders and I sort of picked it up as I went along. As I have grown into the role, I have become very enthusiastic about Scouting and it’s place in the lives of young people. I’m sure you are aware of this if you have ever spoken to me on the subject. It has literally changed some young people’s lives, giving them confidence, practical abilities, teamwork and leadership training.

We hope that some of our young members will continue to volunteer in Scouting or in other volunteering roles as they move towards adulthood. I was a Girl Guide when I was younger and this ignited the flame of volunteering in me. Prince Charles is also keen that young people get involved as volunteers, for the good of themselves, for others and for society. It also looks great on your CV. He has launched a campaign, “Step Up To Serve” in November at Buckingham Palace, with the help of two Scouts. It is a campaign aiming to empower young people to volunteer.

I re-tweeted from Step up to Serve, check out @LLScoutGroup or @stepuptoserve. I hope some of you are following my tweets. They are available on the right hand side of the Home page of the website. Check out the Step up to Serve website:

Lets all encourage each other in our volunteering roles.

Hilary Ashton
Group Scout Leader